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Spinarri Arrows – 10 Pack

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Uneven cuts, loose ground meat, new to chicken drumsticks.

You’ll be glad you have some stainless Spinarri Arrows for securing your uncooperative cuisine.

The Spinarri Arrow (Mo. S-SA-2). Laser cut from 304 stainless steel produced in America. Clean design, quality materials and formed by hand. These handy Spinarri Arrows are easy to use and designed to last.

Not only can they handle case-less kofta kebabs, they can stop the flop of uneven cuts and keep chicken drumsticks pinned on the Autoskewer.

With no moving parts, close tolerance holds them in place and has the added benefit of cleaning the Autoskewer on removal.

Spinarri Arrows are a perfect accessory for your new Spinarri 543 or Spinarri 975. Use 1 or 2 pair per Autoskewer.

Rest assured the Spinarri Arrow is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Specification: 1 1/2 ” in Length.

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10 Pack, 18 Pack