Made in USA

Tines EX and Plates for 24″ AutoSkewers

$35 Internet Low

Includes :
8 x Tine EX
8 x Standard Plates
* For use with Spinarri AutoSkewer EX 24″



Bacon wrapped scallops. Cornish hens, quail and full pork tenderloins. Tricky items are no match for these instruments of fixture and your quest for culinary delights.

Plates and Tines (Mo. S-PT-24-4). You will master the less than cooperative of your fare into submission on the 24″ AutoSkewer.

Plates are cut from American made premium grade 304 stainless steel. Tines are hand cut and pointed from solid 1/8″ round 304 stainless steel rod produced in America. The Plates and Tines are restaurant food grade safe and extremely durable. These are quality pieces of the finest materials.

Plates and Tines are supplied in dual pairs consisting of 8 plates and 8 tines. They are quickly inserted and removed for ease serving and cleaning.

Dimensions: Plates are 2″ x 3/4″ . Tines 18 ” in Length.
Rest assured the Plates and Tines are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.