Tips & Tricks :

  • Inspect and ensure all components are adjusted and functional and shaft clips are fully seated.
  • Try some brats first, then to kebabs, then to chicken drumsticks and beyond.
  • Cooking sheets or baking trays are great for preparing & staging skewers.
  • Ensure the loaded AutoSkewers contents do not come into contact with each other, the grill or lid. Use a knife to trim.
  • Leave an inch of clear skewer rod at the point and the sprocket side.
  • Never be discouraged, complicated meat cuts take a little practice to skewer.
  • The SPINARRI Lids are use for Gas Grilling only. Usually there is no need to use with charcoal grilling.
  • Preheat the grill with the SPINARRI off the grill and the grill lid closed.
  • Keep the grill lid open when using the SPINARRI.
  • Ensure the frame is placed on the forward edge of the grill.
  • Keep the skewer handles and the motor away from the hot grill.
  • Tinfoil is great for wrapping uncooked skewers and with cooked skewers you can just use it to wrap and pull off your cooked fare in one quick motion.
  • Email us your Tips & Tricks and pictures to info@spinarri.com
  • Have Fun !!!

Picanha Notes :

  • It is very important to take extra care and balance the skewer.
  • The picanha cuts need to be as balanced as possible.
  • You may need to skewer a cut twice to get it as balanced as possible.
  • Cross-score the fat side of the tri-tip before cutting into pieces.
  • I cut picanha cuts about 1″ 3/8 thick and cut the largest crescents in half.
  • Try to put tension on the crescents when you skewer them (they will look slightly pinched on the skewer).
  • Pre-heat your grill with the lid closed, then add the SPINARRI loaded with meat.
  • Leave the grill lid open and cover the SPINARRI with the lid covers if you are cooking with gas.

Spinarri Grilling Basket :

  • Initial
    • Wash the Spinarri Grilling Basket with the included Bar Keepers Friend powder before first use. You can use a dish scrub. Take care, the edges may be a little sharp.
    • WARNING : This the Bar Keepers Friend powder, NOT the Bar Keepers Friend soft scrub. The soft scrub is recommended for the Spinarri 543/543-EX/975/975-EX frame. The Bar Keepers powder will scratch the finish of Spinarri 543/543-EX/975/975-EX frames.
  • Use
    • To help with the clean up, coat the inside of the basket with a mist of olive oil. I use a Misto Sprayer or a brush of olive oil.
    • Just as they are initially sent, the Spinarri Grilling Basket halves are designed to nest inside the other. They have tabs that go into cut out slots.
    • The Spinarri Grilling Basket has 2 positions. Care must be taken to line up the correct square holes. It was sent to you in the standard position the AutoSkewer to be positioned through the inside square holes of the baskets. Depending on your grilling setup you may be able to use it in the second position by putting the AutoSkewer through the outside square holes and expanding the basket.
    • The Spinarri Grilling Basket must be in a balanced position with adequate clearance top and bottom.
    • The “fingers” of the Spinarri Grilling Basket are designed to expand and contract depending on what you are grilling. You can slightly bend them to your need.
    • The cutouts at the ends of Spinarri Grilling Basket will allow you to adjust the position of the end on the AutoSkewer to pass through the square holes.
    • I like to use a cake prick to test if items are done until I know how long they take to cook on a specific grill.
    • When finished grilling, remove the AutoSkewer. Then you can use gloves or utensils to push the Spinarri Grilling Basket down on a flat surface or cutting board and the extended tabs will partially separate the closed Basket.

Safety Information:

  • Never leave a SPINARRI or skewers unsupervised.
  • Use extra caution and care not to poke yourself or others with the AutoSkewers.
  • Always use heat resistant gloves when handling a hot SPINARRI.
  • Keep infants, children and pets away from the SPINARRI and skewers.
  • Keep clothing and body parts away from the driving mechanism.
  • Skewer handles and the motor must always hang over the front of the edge of the grill away from the heat.
  • Use extra care not to cut yourself on the frame edges while cleaning.
  • Do not allow your BBQ grill to overheat past its maximum temperature.
  • Abide by all your barbecue grill original manufacture’s safety instructions.
  • Failure to follow these instructions may result in serious bodily injury or death to you or others and or a fire, explosion causing damage to property.