Tips & Tricks :

– Inspect and ensure all components are adjusted and functional.
– Make sure the chain mechanism moves freely, if not adjust it.
– Try some brats first, then to kebabs, then to chicken drumsticks and beyond.
– Cooking sheets or baking trays are great for preparing & staging skewers.
– 4 skewers with lg. kebabs will cook more meat vs 5 skewers with small kebabs.
– Ensure the loaded AutoSkewers contents do not come into contact with each other, the grill or lid.
– Leave an inch of clear skewer rod at the point and the sprocket side.
– Do not be discouraged, complicated meat cuts take a little practice to skewer.
– Preheat the grill with the SPINARRI off the grill and the grill lid closed.
– Keep the grill lid open when using the SPINARRI.
– Ensure the frame is placed on the forward edge of the grill.
– Keep the skewer handles and the motor away from the hot grill.
– Tinfoil is great for wrapping uncooked skewers and with cooked skewers you can just use it to wrap and pull off your cooked fare in one quick motion.
– Email us your Tips & Tricks and pictures to admin1@spinarri.com – Have Fun !!!