DC Grill Motor 1.5vt D cell for Spinarri 543

$19.95 Internet Low



Each Spinarri utilizes a standard 1/4″ drive grill motor available locally in Australia, Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean. Although some specialty stores do carry them in North America, they are primarily available online.

This type of grill motor is available from other sources in a variety of power sources ( AC 240, AC120, DC12 & DC1.5) and price points, while having a common mounting attachment. It is recommended to always have a spare grill motor on hand.

We tested and dissected a half a dozen different brands and these came out on top at there entry level price point.

These grill motors run approximately 15 hours on a single standard D cell 1.5vt battery and are CE approved. We have tested them with 1.2 lbs of meat per Autoskewer on the Spinarri Model 543. They typically last a year before replacement. Your mileage may vary depending on duty cycle and Autoskewer loads.

– Each grill motor is thermally tested before it is shipped.

– This motor is not recommended for the Spinarri Model 975.
– Battery not included. Duracell D cell 1.5vt Alkaline recommended.