Made in USA

24″ AutoSkewer EX

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Poultry. New Zealand lamb. Jumbo prawns. Hot Italian sausages.

You’ll be glad you have a sturdy AutoSkewer for impaling your favorites.

The AutoSkewer (Mo. S-AS-24-1). Hand turned and pointed from solid 3/16″ square 304 stainless steel rod produced in America. Quality crafted with a through shafted wooden handle from Northern Maine. These fine AutoSkewers are artisan pieces of the finest materials.

Not only can they handle the pork tenderloin from your neighborhood butcher; in the right hands they could harvest the boar in the field.

Extra AutoSkewers are perfect for adding additional capacity or preparing addition courses.

Rest assured the AutoSkewer is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.
Dimensions: 24″ in Length including 4″ Handle.